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Florence as Capital

Il Salotto di Firenze

IL SALOTTO DI FIRENZE: Bed & Breakfast in Florence, Via Roma.

BED & BREAKFAST - IL SALOTTO DI FIRENZE stands in the heart of Florence within the historical architectural backdrop of Via Roma and Piazza della Repubblica, directly facing the Duomo and its Battistero.

The Palace, which houses IL SALOTTO DI FIRENZE, was built in 1860, 5 years before Florence became Capital of Italy from 1865 until 1870. That Palace was proof, during the whole second half of the 1800's, of the artistic and literary dynamism of THE MACCHIAIOLI movement which developed itself in the outskirts of Piazza della Repubblica.The young artists belonging to the movement, used to met themselves at literary "Coffees Bars" (Caffè letterari) in Piazza della Repubblica. For that reason, We have decided to dedicate Our rooms to this famous and worldwide known artists: I MACCHIAIOLI.

The palace  
Rehabilitation did not affect the building structure of the Palace where
IL SALOTTO DI FIRENZE is. It was designed to assure an adequate number of bathrooms, bedrooms, a common area for all Our Guests and installations required by present living standards. In the staircase area, marble stones bricks of old were restored and laid anew, and so was also the banister in wrought iron with wooden handrail. A few ancient niches were preserved inside the suites. All flooring tiles are in precious Tuscan durmast and all pecuiar features of the building were respected. The refined finishing touches, that are all around the Palace, reflect themselves also in the majestic style selected for the bathrooms, where the flooring and the coverings in marble and ceramics, are in accordance with the style of that Age.

In this ancient Palace, We offer six gorgeous suites in Via Roma, facing the Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore) each exquisetly refurbished in traditional Florentine style and equipped with every confort to make Your stay both confortable, reserved and infinetly memorable at the same time.

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